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    The Food of Future

    A Hackathon Challenge – SkipTheDishes

    Mobile App

    Description: The Food Of Future was a Hackathon Challenge hosted by Vanhack brought by SkipTheDishes (A Canadian Food Delivery App). The Challenge was to build the future of food delivery app that scales to millions of users.


    Our approach was to design an app that learns about user and combine machine Learning to behavioral analysis and suggest dishes that user might like. We called this functionality as DishMeter.


    Responsibilities: UI/UX Design, Front-End

    Year: 2017


    Side note: Vanhack and SkipTheDishes haven’t any duties or responsibility for this case. All trademarks are the property of their respective. This app was developed in partnership with my teammate Thiago Alencar, who programed the application.

    The Interface.

    The look and feel of the app.

    The prototype.

    Touch the SkipTheDishes logo to navigate into the prototype.

    What we got?

    After 100 hours of work, this is was what we accomplished.