• Hi! My name is Hugo Medeiros.

    From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


    About me.

    My name is Hugo Medeiros, I’m 10+years experience Designer with extensive expertise designing for web and mobile applications. Over the past 3 years working as User Experience Designer I had the opportunity to design intuitive and interactive interfaces seeking the best experience for users. From mobile applications to corporate websites and systems.

    Curious and hungry for knowledge, I keep learning as much as I can basically about anything to sharpen my skills. You never know where that insight will come from. Currently, I’ve been studying new technologies such as React and Angular. Since 2010, as a hobby and source of continuous learning, I maintain one of the most popular drink recipes website in Brazil, MeuDrink , which in 2016 displayed 4+ million recipes worldwide. Cheers.


    User Experience Design, Interface Design, Product Design, Branding, E-Commerce, E-mail marketing, HTML5, CSS3/SASS, JavaScript, jQuery

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